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Trial Support Services: Trial Consulting

Trial Consulting Overview

At Trial Solutions, we provide you with the information and insight needed to obtain a favorable trial outcome. Through our trial research and consulting services, we determine how your case will be perceived by potential jurors in the trial venue and offer strategies for the presentation of key arguments, evidence and testimony.

In addition, we conduct detailed community attitude surveys to obtain valuable insight into jurors’ thoughts, perceptions and motivations in order to understand how they will react to your case. Armed with this research, we are able to identify jury profiles which will enable you to make well-informed decisions during the jury selection process. Importantly, our research will also help you answer difficult questions prior to trial such as “how much is this case worth?” and “should my client settle?”

At Trial Solutions, our consultants are trained in the fields of law, psychology, statistics, and social dynamics. We have been involved in hundreds of cases across the country and offer the experience and expertise needed to achieve your desired results. When you enlist our services, we'll explore every aspect of your case to give you the knowledge you need to achieve a successful outcome.

Below are some of the trial consulting services we offer at Trial Solutions:

  • Witness Preparation: A well-informed, credible witness who reinforces your case themes and arguments can be one of your biggest assets. At Trial Solutions, we remove the uncertainty of third-party testimonies by giving your witnesses the confidence and knowledge required to present their testimony effectively. Your well-prepared witnesses will be perceived as having more credibility among the Judge and jurors, bringing you one step closer to the desired verdict.
  • Jury Selection: One of the most critical aspects of any case, jury selection is based on the careful, methodical analysis of information obtained during pre-trial research. At Trial Solutions, we help minimize uncertainty during the jury selection process by creating highly-detailed juror profiles and providing our expert insight and recommendations during the voir dire process.
  • Shadow Juries: An extremely valuable research tool, shadow juries can help you gain unique insights into how jurors perceive your case at trial. A shadow jury sits in the courtroom audience and is exposed to all evidence, arguments and testimony during the trial. After each day of court, you will receive a report of the shadow jurors’ feedback which will enable you to fine-tune your case strategy and clarify confusing evidence and testimony before the actual jury deliberates.

Pre-Trial: Research Trials & Mock Trials

Our mock trials serve as an indispensable preparation tool for determining jurors’ case perceptions and identifying compelling arguments, evidence and testimony. During this research, a panel (or multiple panels) of mock jurors listens to a summary of each side’s case, offers individual feedback and then deliberates. The results of this research provide invaluable feedback on case strengths and weaknesses and the factors that lead to favorable verdict decisions.
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