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Trial Solutions makes processing and reviewing your data easy. By providing you with OnDemand EDD and OnDemand®, formerly known as ImageDepotâ„¢, litigation support software and services, you get very fast & cost effective systems for data processing, document review and ediscovery management, as we handle all the processing, support and technology maintenance for you.

You will find, as our clients have told us, that your firm will enjoy 3 key benefits from using both the OnDemand EDD and OnDemand® litigation support systems:

  1. First Pass native review helps you save money. First pass review is a cost effective way to process e-discovery data into a standard native review format for a 'quick peak' at the data. You can then review, filter and process only relevant data, saving you significant data conversion costs.

  2. Our software and ediscovery processing costs less than others. When compared to other litigation software and e-discovery processing that is available on the market, ours is less expensive as there is no software to purchase and we do not nickel and dime you along the way - there are no hidden costs.

  3. Our pricing model makes it easy to manage case costs. Your costs are calculated on a per gig and per case basis enabling you to keep everything simple.

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Litigation Support Software Systems that are More Accessible

In addition to OnDemand®, Trial Solutions has experience working with many popular litigation support software packages. Our online document review and e-discovery hosting is an ideal solution for law firms that like using software they are familiar with, such as Summation and Concordance, but do not want the expense of building the required infrastructure to host and manage the initial review in-house. It is also an effective solution for multi-party litigation or when parties in multiple locations require access to the same data.

Litigation Technology, Data and Software Hosted Online

Instead of buying software on disks and installing it on your local system, our software is accessed over a web browser, allowing data / document management from anywhere. All employees and clients can access real-time data, which is backed up daily on class A servers. Upgrades are automatic and there is far less maintenance. Our company has been hosting data in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment since its inception.
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Your Ideal Online Litigation Support Software

Whether you need document review, e-discovery hosting, software, creation of load files or data conversion from one software format to another, we have the technical expertise to be your litigation support software provider.


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