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eDiscovery Cloud - OnDemand Computing Software

Trial Solutions' web-based on-demand eDiscovery Cloud software, OnDemand Discovery® is a Web 2.0 software, offered in a 'software-as-a-service' (SaaS) model. OnDemand Discovery® utilizes distributed processing and a controlled cloud computing environment.

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Taking the Step to eDiscovery Cloud Computing Saves Your Firm Litigation Costs

Until recently, ondemand cloud computing has been popular mostly among smaller companies, but corporations and other large user organizations, such as law firms, have shed their inhibitions and adopted cloud services much more aggressively. Why? Because enterprise-class data management tools, e-discovery technologies, and other prerequisites have become increasingly available. The promise of cost savings and the ease of subscription-style pricing has also fueled adoption among larger companies.

Self-service cloud computing enables users and litigation support personnel to utilize services without expertise with, nor control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. That's a good thing, because many corporations and law firms lack the ability or desire to build and support the infrastructure required for large scale discovery.

The saying, “we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way” applies to e-discovery. Before technological and security advances, e-discovery cloud computing was not an option. Many law firms today choose to utilize on-demand technology, reducing their e-discovery costs and the time required to process data.

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Cloud eDiscovery Software Using the EDRM Model

Trial Solutions' OnDemand® e-discovery cloud computing software addresses areas 4 and 5 in the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). The EDRM model features six areas of the discovery process:

  1. Information management: Getting your records in order.
  2. Identification: Where is the information and how do you get to it?
  3. Preservation and collection: Collecting the information is important. Making sure nothing gets missed is equally important.
  4. Processing, review and analysis: This involves organizing the information so you have what you need and you get rid of what you don’t.
  5. Production: Delivering the ESI and making sure it is delivered properly to those who need the information.
  6. Presentation: Using the information when you present the case in a courtroom proceeding.

The EDRM model is the gold standard in creating electronic discovery. Trial Solutions specializes in helping you organize your discovery using this simple process.

OnDemand Discovery® Overview:

OnDemand Discovery® is a distributed eDiscovery Cloud software solution to electronic data discovery. Our interface is designed for quick real-time reporting, with processing distributed over an actively managed, controlled cloud computing network.

Scalable Processing:

OnDemand Discovery® is a cloud computing ediscovery software solution. When data is received from our customers, files are cataloged, fingerprinted, copied, verified and moved into a production environment where originals and working copies are separated and secured. Upon request, a cloud of computers begins the process of verifying file types, flattening document structures, extracting metadata, and determining parent child relationships.

For customers and cases that require production for databases other than ImageDepot, files are resubmitted to the cloud for tiffing, endorsing, labeling and organized for export. Supported formats include ImageDepot™, Concordance, Summation and Ringtail. Additionally other formats may be supported on request.

Easy to Use Interface:

Customers and partners can access production progress through OnDemand® web pages. These pages provide real-time information about:

  • the number of files received
  • file counts as they expand during extraction
  • files in production
  • pages produced/exported
  • file types and extension of items produced and printed
  • etc.

Detailed Process Reporting:

Aside from real-time monitoring, static reports are available in PDF and Excel formats. These reports are generated on-line and allow document owners to archive a snapshot of production at any time during the production process.

eDiscovery Cloud Software and Hardware Security:

OnDemand Discovery® is an ondemand software solution running continuously with support on-call and on-line. We actively monitor and modify code to meet specialized cases and specialized needs. Access to software and equipment is controlled through a combination of passwords and physical security. Physically hardware is separated through controlled access. Software and data is protected via logins and passwords, allowing document owners to view their projects in detail, without having access to unrelated matters or projects.

For more information on OnDemand Discovery® cloud computing software, or our other specialized e-discovery services, please contact us.

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