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ESI Collection: Nationwide Forensic Data Collection

Our Computer Forensic Data Collection Network Saves Money

On television dramas, attorneys are often seen jetting to exotic destinations to collect information needed for a case. What these popular television shows don’t discuss is the cost of these trips--cost that is often passed on to the client. At Trial Solutions, our expertise is in nationwide computer forensics. While we are based in Texas, we maintain an extensive network of professionals to help you with any type of computer forensics.

For example, you are defending a client charged with fraud. Records may exist in banks across the country. You pay heavily for national computer forensics if you send your team to each city to retrieve those records—or you can cut your costs and use Trial Solutions to gather the information for you.

Our National Computer Forensics Data Collection Process

Gathering nationwide computer forensics begins with a great plan. The professionals at Trial Solutions will go over every step. You will be asked key questions including.

  • Who are the custodians of interest?
  • Based on specific document requests?
  • Based on geography, department, or job function?
  • Data types of interest? (Email, File Server, Hard Drive)
  • What are the dates of interest?
  • Must deleted files be produced?
  • Are backup tapes within the scope of the project?
  • If so, must all tapes be restored or just a portion?
  • If so, are monthly, quarterly, or yearly backups acceptable?
  • Is the current in-house IT staff qualified to handle the work?

Our professionals at Trial Solutions are not baffled by the complexity of the operating system of the information. Our nationwide forensic examiners recover electronically stored information from hard drives, floppy diskettes, zip disks, tapes, PDAs, CDs and DVDs, USB and other removable drives, digital cameras and recorders, flash cards, network servers and cell phones. We have worked with Linux, Windows and Mac Systems. And we compile this information in an easy to understand format that you can present clearly and concisely to a jury.

Your Nationwide Computer Forensics Partner

Your goal is to find every piece of nationwide computer forensics related to your case without spending a fortune on travel expenses. At Trial Solutions, we partner with you to meet your goals.