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Litigation Support Ecosystem®: Litigation Readiness Consulting

Thorough Litigation Readiness Consultation to Preparation for Court

You may only have one shot to make the right litigation readiness decisions. And if you are using new technology and electronic discovery, you want to make sure you are prepared. Trial Solutions provides litigation readiness consulting that will have you sounding like an electronic discovery expert.

You are an attorney. You may not know how Linux or PST data impacts your client's litigation hold or discovery. You may think NSF is an acronym for a bad check. Our litigation readiness team simplifies complex computer technology for you so that you can explain it to your client and ultimately a judge or jury.

Business records can be important in civil cases and in some criminal fraud cases. If you are not sure how to protect and retrieve these records and which ones are important, Trial Solutions offers business record consultation to help you sort through the data. Financial records, email trails and in-house memos are some examples of what we will retrieve through electronic discovery. We present the business records in a clear, concise way that makes sense to you, your staff and the decision maker in your case.

Visit our Articles and Webinars page to watch our webinar on How to create a legally defensible records retention program.

Trial Solutions expertise extends to record retention. We help you and your firm create policies specific to a case or your overall operation. After our records retention consulting, you have an SOP manual that is a guideline and cannot be disputed by your opposing counsel.

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In conjunction with our unparalleled technical support, the team at Trial Solutions will counsel you from pretrial conference to verdict. We verify the validity of the computer forensics and the information presented as part of our litigation readiness consulting. Our expertise covers civil and criminal trials and every type of operating system. We give you the technological tools to win.