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Litigation Support Ecosystem: ESI Collection

Cost-Effective Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Collection

A computer can’t hide all secrets…

People surf the Internet, send emails and write documents they believe they can hide. At Trial Solutions, we specialize in finding hidden and encrypted documents using thorough investigative techniques that satisfy state and federal guidelines for civil and criminal cases. We know all operating systems, Macintosh, Windows and Linux and we customize each investigation. All networks, drives and backup drives are examined. The process includes:

  • Protecting the equipment and data from being compromised during the search. Evidence has been dismissed in courts because the computer system was not secured at the time the data was extracted.
  • Finding and reviewing all files, including those that are encrypted or hidden. We break those codes.
  • Recovering deleted files. Not everything is erased forever. If it is there, we will find the information.
  • Documenting every step.
  • Compiling the data. You get an investigation report you can understand and explain to a judge and jury.

You don’t want to be surprised by the expert from the other side in court. The team at Trial Solutions is trained in the latest investigation techniques. We keep up-to-date with decisions regarding forensic evidence from courts across the country.

While we are based in Houston, Texas, we have investigators all over the country. You don’t have to pay expensive travel fees for expert investigators.