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Litigation Support Ecosystem: Online Document Review Software

Imagine a law firm office without messy boxes and desks piled with paper

Trial Solutions’ OnDemand® Online Review Tool eliminates the need for paper, file folders and boxes of paper discovery. Your files will be scanned, indexed and added to a secure online database. Imagine begin able to:

  • Review a file from your home computer. You don’t have to download a file to a disk or print it out. Access the data immediately from anywhere.
  • Save money on expensive hardware, software and other computer programs. We include a software license with our services.
  • Print a copy from anywhere you access the file.
  • Not worry about spending extra money when files are lost.
  • Reduce your operating expenses. Paper, file folders and storage cabinets can add up to thousands of dollars each year. Our online review tool can cut these costs in half!

Don’t feel computer savvy?

Trial Solutions experts train you and your staff in how point and click to what you need. You will be impressed with the ease and accessibility of the program. Even inexperienced computer users have learned the software in just a few minutes. If you are still not convinced, click here for a demonstration.

Article: Next-Generation Discovery Document Review

Despite what you may have heard, an “online review tool” is not a widget that generates product reviews (cool as that might be). Instead, it’s the latest salvo in the ongoing struggle between litigation teams and the discovery documents they need to process. With an online review tool, litigation teams can use their Web browser to review documents, eliminating the need to license and install software.

OnDemand® … in One Sentence

Trial Solutions’ OnDemand® is an online review tool with native file support that handles all discovery-related document tasks, including early case assessment and document productions.

The Killer Feature

Litigators over 35 may recall a time when you could estimate the costs of a document review by simply counting the number of bankers boxes. Nowadays, a hard drive might contain one document or a million documents.

This need to size up a case during its infancy has given rise to the term “early case assessment.” Ondemand® includes an early case assessment tool that can tell you the number and type of documents in your collection. A variety of different reports enable you to dive into the data as deeply as necessary.

If you work in a legal department, ImageDepot can inform you as to which law firm should handle the case. If you’re a litigator, you can give your client an estimate of the cost of discovery.

Other Notable Features

ImageDepot doesn’t only handle early case assessment, but all document-related discovery tasks. It supports native files as well as scanned PDF and TIFF images (with or without OCR processing). You can also import email.

For document review, you can create an unlimited number of fields for tagging purposes and apply tags to groups of documents rather than one at a time. You can also annotate and redact documents.

In addition to searching for your tags, you can run full-text searches as well. When you create a perfect search, you can save it and share it with others.

Other features include single document and batch printing, the ability to download documents, document audit and other customizable reports, the ability to export reports in Excel and other formats, and more.

What Else Should You Know?

ImageDepot does not require any software or hardware. You just use your Web browser. The security settings enable you to create user profiles down to the field level. You pay per document or per gigabyte of storage used on a monthly basis and can terminate the service anytime. Trial Solutions offers reduced rates for 6 and 12 month contracts. All plans include technical support via telephone, email, and live chat. Learn more about OnDemand®.