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Litigation Support Ecosystem: E-Discovery Software & Services

The latest e-discovery technology can SAVE you money

The cost of electronic discovery can exceed thousands of dollars in some cases. Trial Solutions offers software that saves you (and your clients) money. Our ImageDepot FirstLook software allows you to see documents and images in their native or original form. You determine what is relevant to your case before sorting through hundreds of files using billable hours best used in other ways to prepare your case. This process will cut the discover costs in half!

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Throw out the paper

Create an online file that is easier to manage than boxes of paper and legal pads full of notes. Electronic documents and images, along with scanned files, can be placed into a secure online database so that everyone associated with the case can read them at their convenience. Notes can be made on the page and relevant links can be cited. This eliminates the confusion that can occur when several copies are floating around the office—some with the same notes and information. This is another money-saving tool since copies, which can run from ten to 15 cents each, are no longer needed.

E-discovery that is easy

Even if the only thing you know about a computer is how to turn it on, we can train you to use our electronic discovery software in just a few minutes. As the case progresses and grows, you will see the value of having all the evidence in one convenient, secure online file. These costs can be passed on to the client. Learn more about our electronic discovery management software and how we save you time and money.