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Litigation Support Ecosystem: Electronic Discovery Services

The Gold Standard in Electronic Discovery

Do you know?

  • How many courts have rules regarding electronically stored information (ESI) and what those rules are?
  • What metadata is and how it can make or break your case?
  • How to retrieve important data from Windows, Mac or Linux operation systems?
  • Why most files are never deleted and how to retrieve them?

Almost all business and individuals store their records and important documents electronically. If your firm is not prepared to handle electronic discovery, you are not in a position to present your case adequately. Trial Solutions’ experts are highly trained in the rules of electronic discovery and the latest technology. We collect data in its native (original) form, process and review the data in preparation for your case. Our services include extracting date from any type of format.

We work with all types of files including:

  • PST (Personal Storage Table). Our experts retrieve Windows-based email information from a variety of formats. By interpreting the metadata, we can tell you who sent the email and when. We can retrieve emails that were thought to be deleted.
  • Macintosh OS (Apple) Email and ESI Data Files.
  • Linux Email and ESI Data File Processing,

We speak the language

Technology has created a global marketplace. Sometimes data may be in another language. We provide electronic discovery services for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.