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Computer Forensics: Data Analysis & Analytics

Targeted, Cost Effective Computer Forensics Data Analysis & Analytics

You have a big trial coming up pitting you against a large insurance company and you need accurate data analysis about your opponent’s past. You want the history of their previous cases, what firms they used if there is no corporate counsel and the details surrounding the cases. But you don’t have hours to spend finding this data. Our cost effective nationwide forensic experts will give targeted data analysis for your case.

At Trial Solutions, we partner with you in creating accurate analysis of data by getting to the heart of what you need. You may not understand data mining analytics—that is why we are here. We begin by working with you to create a unique plan for your firm or specific case. You fill out a detailed questionnaire about the information that tells us what we need to do.

Trial Solutions specializes in recovering electronically stored information (ESI), from:

  • Databases
  • Hard drives
  • Zip disks
  • Floppy disks
  • Tapes
  • PDAs
  • CD
  • DVDs
  • USB and other drives
  • Digital cameras and recorders
  • Flash Cards
  • Network servers
  • Cell phones

At Trial Solutions, we don’t just begin downloading data—we create a plan that assures you that the data analytics are accurate. We ask key questions about the custodians of the data, the type (email, file server and hard drive) and the dates of interest. If backups are required, we determine what is acceptable.

The experts at Trial Solutions will create a collection plan that begins with identifying the types of data and the locations. You give us information about the email servers mailboxes, the policies regarding deleted items, how long the email stays on the server, the mailbox size limits and the archive procedures. We also ask a series of questions about the files servers, home directors, shared folders, size limits for each user and the back up procedures.

The culmination of this work is to assure you accurate market data analytics that will help you win your case.