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Litigation Support Ecosystem: Computer Forensics

Your Guide to the Latest Computer Forensics Services and Technology

How can you get where you are going if no one shows you the way?

At Trial Solutions, our experts are there to consult with you on every matter. If you hire us to help you with a difficult case, we can begin with a litigation readiness consultation. At that meeting, we find out more about the electronically stored information (ESI) that you need to discover and create a plan. No matter how large or small the volume of data is, we map out a strategy that includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing the data. You may know where the files are, but you don’t know what is important to your case. We extract the needed information and compile the pertinent facts for you. This saves time you may have spent looking at unnecessary documents.
  • If finances are an issue, you want to know about each transaction and what it means. Our experts interpret this data.
  • Whether we are your expert witness or you hire someone else to testify about the data, we offer support and consulting. We are veterans of hundreds of trials and we are aware of the mine fields laid by your opposition. We guide so that your expert testimony is solid and hopefully, undisputed.

Our experts are also available for consulting on an ongoing basis. We guide you as to the latest software and technology in the area of computer forensics.