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E-Discovery Services: Specialized Electronic Discovery

Specialized E-Discovery - Marriage of Our Technology & the Law

Financial records, in-house memorandums and emails reveal important information about companies and individuals. If you are involved in a legal dispute with that company or individual, you want to have that information extracted accurately. Trial Solutions’ specialized e-discovery system guides you through the complexities of computer forensics. Our experts have guided attorneys on cases from divorce to criminal fraud. No operating system is too complicated; no case is too big for our team.

Our specialized e-discovery is a marriage of technology and the law. Using the latest in computer forensics, we separate data relevant to your case from unneeded information. We work with Linux, Macintosh and Windows bases systems and all the email and document format types. The images are sent in a variety of formats including:

  • Ghost
  • Encase
  • RAW
  • Unix/Linux DD images
  • ISO

You may not understand the technology surrounding PST (personal storage table) and metadata. But when you turn the information over to us, we make sure every message is extracted through PST reconstitution. We perform quality control to extract every message. After we verify the data, we put the messages in a PST and given a name you request.

Trial Solutions’ specialized electronic discovery includes free support and training so that everyone who needs access to the information will understand the process. Our experts partner with you so that you can present a winning case.


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