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E-Discovery Services: Electronic Discovery Consulting

Comprehensive and Unique E-Discovery Consulting Services

You are an excellent attorney supported by paralegals, administrative assistants and law clerks who know their jobs. When you need discovery when preparing a case, you are used to “doing it the old fashioned way.” But you know, there has to be a better way for you and your team. At Trial Solutions, we are experts in creating a records information management system that involves all the “experts” in your office and can be used by anyone with an interest in the case. We don’t expect you to know everything about the technology. Electronic discovery consulting is our job.

Our experts bridge the gap between departments with our unique E-discovery consulting. We cover a long list of tasks that overwhelm many law firms--record retention guidelines, records retention policies, retention of business records, email retention policy, document retention policy, electronic record retention and business record retention. We assess your needs and create a records information management system for you.

At Trial Solutions, we don’t just give you information. We engage complex data analytics that show how all the pieces fit together. Even the most complicated accounting and financial data is synergized through our electronic discovery consulting. Analyzing large volumes of data, collecting data and putting into categories and revealing sometimes hard-to-find transaction and trades is part of the data analysis.

When you sign up for our E-discovery consulting, you also receive support for your testifying expert. We make sure you know how to preserve the evidence so there are no issues with “spoiling.” We follow Rule 26 (f) and Rule 16 in making sure there is no question as to the validity of your evidence in court.

Your Trial Solutions expert ensures that all employees understand the document retention policy. We complete an assessment before we begin. The electronic discovery consulting includes policy development, policy implementation, employee training and ongoing policy audits. We make sure these goals are in line with your goals.


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