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Trial Solutions' OnDemand® Online Review Tool provides organizations with an alternative to the expensive and inefficient process of working with filed paper and client-server stored legal documents.
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ONE Complete Technology For Your Document Review Needs

You will replace rows of file cabinets and boxes of legal documents with our OnDemand® Online Review Tool complete service offering.

We'll convert your electronic and paper documents, create indexes for easy retrieval, and deliver the documents online.

With our tried and tested online document review tool you will gain the following features and benefits:

  • Immediate Information Access
    Stop wasting time manually searching paper and hard drives! Dynamically retrieve, organize, report and print by user defined criteria within seconds.
  • No Capital Investment for Software or Hardware
    A software license is included with our per gigabyte services.
  • Print & Download Documents When You Need Them
    Easy-to-use printing and downloading capabilities provide you with copies at your fingertips.
  • Training
    Group and single-user training is available. Intuitive easy-to-use point and click features make learning easy.
  • STOP Losing Documents
    Secure and redundant digital storage safely preserves documents and eliminates lost work and information assets.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    Reduce search and organization time, reduce copying/printing expense, reduce office space storage costs.

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Trial Solutions' OnDemand® Online Review Tool, built on Microsoft SQL technology, is scalable and flexible. Whether you have ten gigabytes or ten terabyte, the Online Review Tool makes document review simple. With this document repository system we are currently managing over 50 million pages and providing hundreds of users with access to them.
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Online Review Tool Overview:

  • Browser based
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • Supports both image and native files
  • Simultaneous index and full-text searching 
  • Unlimited fields
  • User level security (view, edit, print, download, etc.)
  • Batch printing
  • Annotations and redactions
  • SSL encryption
  • Secure data hosting facility with daily backup
  • Redundant power and internet connectivity
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Generator backup
  • Upstream 100MBps connectivity provided by Level 3

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Attorney and Paralegal Document Review Services

Trial Solutions can offer a staff of Contract Attorneys or Paralegals for both large and small document review projects. Utilizing Trial Solutions online review technology, legal staff can quickly review documents for privilege or subjective issues.

Outsourcing this function can often speed the document review process and reduce costs, by utilizing temporary staff that specialize in document review.

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Learn more about the technical specifications and capabilities of our Online Review Tool by reading our Online Review Tool White Paper.



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