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Document & Case Management Services

Easy-to-Use Document & Case Management Systems

Trial Solutions™ total litigation case management software provides instant access to documents ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Our case and document management services are dedicated to helping Law Firms improve productivity and client satisfaction, while reducing document review and case management costs.

Trial Solutions™ is in the business of helping Law Firms and their clients improve discovery processes by incorporating electronic document and case management solutions into a secure, collaborative work environment. These solutions enable organizations to reduce the costs and time involved in handling documents and managing cases.

Since its inception, Trial Solutions™ has developed innovative, state-of-the-art case management products that include document imaging and archival systems. In addition, the company provides a variety of litigation coding and ongoing conversion services aimed at helping its customers convert new and existing documents to electronic form. All products are easily scalable from a single user to an entire organization.

Complete Suite of Case Management Services

Our case management system provides you with a comprehensive solution that takes care of your important data efficiently and securely through...

Traditional Paper Discovery & Review

Our repository software can also help reduce costs of paper discovery and review as a result of the manner in which trial teams typically work.

When boxes of documents are received at a typical law firm, one or more lawyers and paralegals typically go through the documents, usually in fits and starts, either making no notes or making cryptic notes on a legal pad or on the documents themselves. None of these comments are typically captured in a way that justifies the time and expense involved, both because it isn't done in an organized and methodical fashion, and because it isn't readily available to other members of the trial team. This process typically happens more than once during the life of the case.

Replacing Printed Discovery with Electronic Discovery

The client at this initial stage has typically already paid to make one copy of the documents to give to the lawyer. The lawyer typically holds this set as the master copy, so another copy is immediately made to use as a working copy. If the client is a corporation with a legal department, someone in the legal department typically makes a working copy as well. At this point the client has paid for three sets of copies, and all the value that the client has received is having three sets of documents. The cost per page at this point (using an average of $.10 - $.15 per page for a copy) will typically total from thirty cents to forty-five cents.

Now the lawyers and paralegals begin going through the documents, billing the client for their time, and capturing nothing in an organized, goal-driven fashion. Then more copies are made for each deposition, for each expert witness, to replace lost copies or copies that are unusable because of marks placed on them by lawyers and paralegals, to produce to other parties in the case, to attach to motions filed with the court, to take to hearings in court, and for trial. It is estimated, in a typical case, each document will be copied ten or more times, and the cost to the client will range from one dollar to one dollar and fifty cents.

Instead, by placing the electronically stored information (ESI) or scanned images online in Trial Solutions' own electronic discovery software, each document can be located instantaneously. Now the review process can begin, but the documents are viewed on screen, and the person viewing the document can make comments regarding it, link it to issues in the case, link it to witnesses in the case, enter information into the database, or determine that it is privileged and should therefore be designated as such. This is all done with easy to use templates. There is no need for programmers or highly tech-savvy assistance. Even technology adverse lawyers can handle our Electronic Discovery software with only a few minutes of training.

Litigation Case & Document Management Services Cutting Cost

For about the same price as a couple photocopies, we will:

  • Prep and reassemble each document based on physical
    document breaks.
  • Scan each document one time. (see document imaging services)
  • Uniquely number each page.
  • Create a simple searchable index of your documents.
  • License the use of Trial Solutions™ Online Review Tool, viewing, sorting and searching software.
  • Produce your documents on CD-ROM.


  • Intuitive easy-to-use point and click features.
  • View pages complete with text, graphics and signatures onscreen.
  • Zoom, pan, or rotate to view document details.
  • Find documents by multiple criteria such as doc number, date, etc.
  • Sort tag and index documents with unlimited customizable fields while viewing the images.
  • Customizable fields.
  • Select various fields and run reports on search results or groups of documents.
  • Move data to our secure server to be shared and accessed by multiple users simultaneously.
  • Web-based training, maintenance, software upgrades and 24x7 technical support.

Optional Trial Solutions™ Services:

  • Additional indexing of documents.
  • Each page can be OCR’d to allow full text searching. See OCR, Optical Character Recognition
  • Electronic Data Conversion (convert electronic files and email messages plus related attachments to a standard format, saving text files for searching).

Learn more about the Trial Solutions Electronic Data Conversion Services.