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OnDemand® EDiscovery Software that SAVES ON EXPENSE

Using controlled cloud computing technology and employing best-practices methods urged by Trial Solutions, the typical ediscovery production and review expenses can be dramatically reduced with a FirstPass, powered by VENIO FPR™ native review. Cloud computing services appeal to budget-restrained IT departments looking for ways to deliver powerful e-discovery and review applications without investing in new software and servers.

FirstPass™ Early Case Assessment Software, powered by VENIO FPR™

Trial Solutions FirstPass™, powered by VENIO FPR™ is an end-to-end Early Case Assessment (ECA) solution that gives a lawyer insight into their client’s electronically stored information BEFORE expensive processing and attorney review. For about half the cost of other early case assessment software, a user can upload their data into FirstPass™ for native processing and online text review.

Utilizing 'full text' key word and metadata searching users can effectively filter and cull a volume of documents and email to reduce the population of documents to be reviewed by attorneys and to be processed by vendors.
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Integrated Software Managing Electronic Discovery

By utilizing OnDemand EDD™, Trial Solutions e-discovery controlled cloud computing technology, there is no need to convert electronic files to tiff images at the beginning of the case. Instead, the documents can be processed on-demand and reviewed natively as a first pass review, allowing everyone to access the data in OnDemand™, Trial Solutions' native online review tool software.

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The cost to the client for processing ESI, reviewing a first pass in native form, and obtaining a license to use the OnDemand™ Online Review Tool to manage the documents, is about half the average cost of traditional electronic discovery methods. This cost saving is dramatic enough, but it is only the beginning of the savings passed on to the client and the law firm through our electronic discovery software.

Efficient EDiscovery Software Reduces Expense

The best proof that technology works can be provided by our clients. With respect to the problems it solves, our cloud computing eDiscovery software can help reduce costs of discovery and review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Used properly, a first pass processing and online review tool significantly reduces the inefficiency and consequent unnecessary expense incurred by law firms and their clients.

After the first pass review is complete, trial teams can filter, select and process only relevant data, reducing the amount of ESI required to be further processed for production.

The Value of our Electronic Discovery Software

As the data base is built during the review process, the value of using our discovery software continues to increase. Now documents can be segregated or categorized or sorted by date or bates number or witness or issue or type of document, and so forth, and this can be done in seconds. Reports can easily be generated. Columns of information can be moved at will to customize reports. Documents can be redacted, and records can be kept of the redacted documents. A privilege log can be generated. Witness files can be assembled in seconds for depositions or meetings with witnesses or for trial. All documents which support particular issues in the case can be assembled in seconds. Documents which have been determined to have no significance to the case can be placed in a special file to keep them out of the relevant document population.

A final problem that the Trial Solutions e-discovery software addresses is that law firms don’t typically budget money to spend on technology. In addition, law firms want to bill the client for expenses incurred, rather than investing the law firm’s money in capital expenditures. Neither the law firm nor the client is required to make a capital expenditure to use the power and capture the benefits of using Trial Solutions. Every dollar spent for Trial Solutions’ services is an expense that can be passed on to the client, and it can be done by marketing-astute lawyers as a way of building their practice by demonstrating the cost saving that they are bringing to their clients.

Electronic Discovery Native File Review with VENIO FPR™ and OnDemand™

Trial Solutions offers an online review tool that supports native file review for e-discovery. Data requiring review can be loaded into our secure online company database, allowing multiple users the ability to perform viewing, reporting and full text and meta data searching. As documents are reviewed, they can easily be marked as relevant, to-be-produced, privileged, etc.

This cost savings is dramatic enough, but it is only the beginning of the cost savings for the client and the law firm. Learn more about saving money through Trial Solutions' professional ediscovery management software and ediscovery cloud computing technology.


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