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CCE - Certified Computer Examiner Certification

Certified Computer Examiner - CCE BootCamp Course

The Trial Solutions' Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® Bootcamp is an intensive week of hands on forensic training in an "Authorized Training Center" .

CCE authorized training center

All courses are taught by instructors who are professional examiners with extensive experience in computer forensic case examination, many from the law enforcement sector, and hold multiple professional and vendor specific certifications.
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CCE BootCamp® Course

Presented by Trial Solutions, the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® BootCamp is certified by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners® (ISFCE) and is an intensive hands on 4½ day training course in computer forensics that will teach you how to perform forensically sound computer examinations and prepare you to take the CCE certification examination. We are an Authorized Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® Training and Testing Center located in Houston Texas.

The 5-day CCE BootCamp cost is $2,995 per person.

Courses are taught in a state-of-the-art computer classroom setting at the Northwest Forest Conference Center in Houston, TX. (Cypress Software Training Room)

computer forensic training room forensic training lab

Accommodations are available from $125 (plus tax) per night on the Northwest Forest Training Campus, which is a corporate retreat facility located in a quiet Houston suburb and offers an array of complimentary indoor and outdoor activities for guests.

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Our intensive training course in computer forensics is hardware-and-software independent and as such we utilize the best forensic tools for the job. Real world computer forensic examples will be reinforced by hands on practical exercises and exams.

CCE Bootcamp

CCE BootCamp Highlights are below:

  • Overview of what types of crimes computer evidence might be used in
  • Forensic examinations scoping, first steps, and procedures
  • Preparing and verifying forensically wiped examination media
  • Establishing a sound chain of custody
  • Safe handling, labeling, and preservation of original media
  • Labeling, storage and transmittal of evidence
  • Reporting and detailed notes
  • Overview of several operating systems including:
    • Windows NT/2000
    • Novell
    • Unix/Linux
    • DOS
    • Windows 95/98
  • Legal and privacy issues
  • How files and folders are created, stored, and deleted
  • What happens when a diskette or hard disk drive is formatted
  • Simple and complex deleted files recovery as well as file “carving”
    • Recover files, sub-directories and data from formatted disks
    • Determine which files had been deleted prior to formatting
    • Recover data from file slack space
  • Password cracking and file decryption
  • An in-depth exploration of the NTFS file system
  • The significance and determination of the created, modified, and last accessed date and time as well as compound "metadata" in MS Office documents.
  • Various bit-stream imaging methods
  • Write blocker usage to prevent inadvertent writes to the original media
  • Boot disk creation
  • Significance and location of temporary, cache and various types of email data
  • Common situations an examiner may encounter during a forensic examination
  • Common data hiding techniques and how to find hidden data
  • Presenting data to the client
  • Presenting data in court or other proceedings

Our lab computers will have the forensic software necessary for the course, including:

  • A wiping program
  • A checksum program
  • A file documentation program
  • A program that will allow examination of unallocated space
  • A program that will make exact forensic copies of floppy diskettes
  • A forensic "carving" utility
  • Passware Kit from Lost
  • Norton Utilities
  • Norton Ghost
  • QuickView Plus
  • Virus scanning utility
  • The demo version of Access Data's Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)

Course material containing sample reports, practical exercises and other useful information will be provided upon enrollment and payment. Please note that the course material is regularly updated and is subject to change.

CCE authorized training center

We have upcoming 4½ day CCE BootCamps scheduled in Houston, TX on the following dates:

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CCE Certification Examination and Testing

The CCE certification testing is available for $395 and consists of both a written and practical examination. Part one is the written exam, which is taken on the last day of class. The written exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions with a 45 minute time limit. The passing grade is 80% and you will be given an immediate score and feedback on any incorrect answers. A sample online written CCE exam with 25 questions can be found on the ISFCE website.

The second part of the testing is the practical exam where you will be required to demonstrate and document the process of forensically imaging and analyzing different types of media. You will have 90 days to complete this portion of the exam. A sample practical forensic analysis exam can also be found on the ISFCE website.

Trial Solutions through a strategic alliance with McCann Global, a Houston based investigation company (License Number: C15690), provides computer forensic examination in Texas.

Reservations for the CCE BootCamp® are on a first come first serve basis. Online CCE Course and onsite training is also available. For information, please contact us at or 713-462-6464.


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