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Backup Tape Restoration for Computer Forensics

Backup Tape Restoration Services

Backup Tape Restoration & Conversion

Media restoration is the process of restoring or converting archive data into a more usable format to allow further processing for analysis and review of the data.

We support all standard tape cartridge and reel formats as well as most backup software and drive manufacturer's tapes. A few of the tape formats and backup software that we support are:

  • Digital Linear Tape - DLT
  • Linear Tape Open - LTO
  • Digital Audio Tape - DAT
  • Digital Data Storage - DDS
  • Quarter-Inch Cartridge - QIC
  • Advanced Intelligent Tape - AIT
  • Unix
  • Microsoft
  • Veritas
  • Chyenne
  • NovaStor
  • Others...

Backup Tape Cataloging

Cataloging is the process of identifying a backup tape's file structure and the date and time of backup. This can be used before a restoration takes place to help identify whether the content is relevant to the litigation, thus helping reduce associated restoration costs.

Media Duplication and Preservation

Preservation is the process of creating a copy of the source data so the original media is not required during the restoration process. Creating a copy of the media has an added benefit of many times allowing us to take advantage of newer media to reduce potential data restoration errors. Working from a copy also provides added security in the event of a corrupted media and minimizes the time the original tape is out of the clients’ custody.

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