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Advanced Computer Forensic Training and Certification

Advanced Computer Forensics Certification Courses

Presented by Trial Solutions, the Advanced Forensic Certification Courses are intensive hands on 3 & 4 day training courses in computer forensics that will teach you how to perform forensically sound computer imaging and analysis. We are located in Houston Texas.

Our advanced training courses in computer forensics are hardware-and-software independent and include using various commercial and open source tools. Real world computer forensic examples are reinforced by hands on practical exercises and exams.

The advanced forensics courses are intended for serious professional forensic investigators, law enforcement personnel, and security & network administrators that are responsible for the legal imaging, analysis, and classification of digital evidence left on computer hard drives and other devices with electronic data storage capabilities.

Upcoming 2009 Certification courses scheduled in Houston, TX on the following dates:

Full calendar of upcoming computer forensic training events


Advanced Digital Forensics Course Track

For those looking for a structured advanced training program and certifications, we offer a defined course track that becomes progressively more advanced with each level. Level 1 includes the CCE Bootcamp, which provides the foundation for forensically sound methods and procedures and then progresses to certification Levels 2 - 5, with Level 5E covering expert witness preparation and techniques for testifying in court. Our course track provides certification designations of Certified Computer Forensic Professional (CCFP) Level 1 - 5(E). An overview of each certification level is as follows:

» Level 1. CCE Bootcamp, including First Responder & Forensic Imaging training.

4½ day training course in computer forensics that will teach you how to perform forensically sound computer examinations and prepare you to take the CCE certification examination.

» Level 2. Windows Forensics - XP (In-depth Forensic Imaging & Analysis - includes open source validation tools) & Registry Analysis.

Three days of hands on training to locate and examine Recycle Bin information, Metadata and OLE items, Link files, Thumbnail files and other Windows artifacts. You will also learn the forensic value of windows system and registry files such as the NTUSER.DAT, SAM, SYSTEM, SECURITY and SOFTWARE files. This class also focuses on how to gain access to protected operating system files and files that have been encrypted with the Microsoft Encrypting File System (EFS).

Attending this training will enable you to:

  • View, search and analyze Windows artifact information from unallocated space, file structure and registry information.
  • Decrypt Microsoft's Encrypted File System (EFS)
  • Recover Windows logon passwords, email and internet account passwords and internet search terms from the registry
  • Use software to seize live, protected operating system files in the field.

» Level 3. Password Cracking, Applied Decryption & Steganography (Includes Distributed Network Attack (DNA) instruction).

In this class students will learn the science of cryptography and how it plays a role in computer forensics.

This class will focus on the following areas:

  • Introduction of Hash Functions
  • Encryption Fundamentals
  • Cryptosystem Design and Implementations
  • Generating Biographical profile dictionaries
  • Custom dictionaries based on user hard drive indexes
  • Cracking Passwords
  • Encrypted Virtual Containers
  • Advanced Password Recovery
  • Microsoft's Encrypted File System
  • Distributed Computing
  • Using Hash Functions in Court as Digital Fingerprints
  • Defending Hash Functions in Court
  • Steganography and Digital Watermarks

Students will also receive instruction on the use of Distributed Network Attacks and Rainbow Tables.

» Level 4. Network & Internet Forensics - Imaging live mail servers (Exchange), file servers & RAID drives. Includes collecting and analyzing log data from routers, file walls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

In this class you will receive hands on training to locate and examine internet and network related artifacts stored on a computer as well as collection of live servers. The course will cover:

  • Investigation of browser history, typed URLs, Internet cookies, auto-complete data, stored usernames/passwords, download activity, user profiles, Internet cache, web based mail and artifacts for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Firefox.
  • Investigation of instant messengers such as: America Online and AIM Instant Messengers, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger will also be covered. IM topics covered will include; buddy/contact list interpretation, instant message recovery, log files, unallocated space recovery, screen name and password recovery, file transfer and file sharing activity.
  • Network topics covered will include imaging and collection of live Exchange servers and file servers as well as imaging of RAID drives. Collecting and analyzing data from routers, hardware firewalls and intrusion detection systems will also be touched on.

» Level 5. PDA and Cell Phone Forensics - includes Blackberry imaging and analysis.

This class covers the fundamentals of PDA and cell phones such as RIM Blackberry, Palm, Windows CE, and common cellular handsets as well as a basic understanding of SIM cards. Students will
acquire and analyze various live handheld devices using forensic tools as well as exercise their analyzes skills on sample cases.

Device OSs covered include:

  • RIM
  • Pocket PC
  • Symbian
  • Palm OS PDAs
  • Embedded Linux

An in-depth instruction of PDA and cellular phone topics include:

  • Collection best practices and tools
  • Data structure
  • Storage & Security
  • Cellular Networks
  • SMS Technology
  • SIM card analysis
  • Data Recovery

» Level 5E. Computer Forensic Expert Witness Course.

This class covers the fundamentals of developing and presenting computer evidence testimony in court.

Please note that the course topics might change slightly due to tool updates, etc.

We provide all computer hardware and software so that onsite training is easily accommodated. Minimum course fees apply.

Courses taught in our Houston facility are a state-of-the-art computer classroom setting at the Northwest Forest Conference Center in Houston, TX. (Cypress Software Training Room)

computer forensic training room forensic training lab

Accommodations are available from $125 (plus tax) per night on the Northwest Forest Training Campus, which is a corporate retreat facility located in a quiet Houston suburb and offers an array of complimentary indoor and outdoor activities for guests.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified when the course schedules are released.

Full calendar of upcoming computer forensic training events

Trial Solutions through a strategic alliance with McCann Global, a Houston based investigation company (License Number: C15690), provides computer forensic examination in Texas.

Reservations for the Advanced Forensics Courses are on a first come first serve basis. Onsite training courses are also available. For information, please contact us at or 713-462-6464.


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