Litigation support services & software to manage your large document cases.

Best Practices

Litigation Support Best Practices

By using technology, and employing best-practices methods supported by Trial Solutions, your document production and document review expenses can be dramatically reduced. 

Best Practices using Technology

By utilizing technology, there is no need to make multiple photocopies of the documents at the beginning of a case. Instead, the documents can be imaged once, allowing everyone who needs a copy to receive one electronically, from a CD, from access to an online review tool, or when necessary, by printing one from the images. The cost to the client for imaging the documents, prepping and re-prepping the documents, bates labeling (numbering with unique numbers) each page, date indexing for a chronology, and obtaining a license to use Trial Solutions’ Online Review Tool to manage the documents, is typically less than the cost of making two photocopies.

Reduce Your Costs

We can arrange a free best practices consultation with one of our attorneys on staff or document management experts to determine what cost reducing technologies might apply to your case. To learn more about Trial Solutions' proven methods to reduce costs and shorten document review time, please visit our Best Practices Articles page or contact us via phone or email to arrange an online presentation or free best practices consultation.