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Attorney Document Review with Contract Attorneys - Nationwide

Contract Attorney Staffing

Nationwide attorney and paralegal staffed litigation document review services. 

Attorney Solutions, a division of Trial Solutions, places attorneys and paralegals, at law firms and on corporate legal teams on a contract or temporary basis, to perform litigation document reviews. We currently have a database of over 1,000 document review attorneys available for immediate placement in major cities across the nation.

Typical engagements include standard or subjective reviews for relevance, privilege and confidentiality determinations. Also, our contract attorneys can evaluate documents to determine relevant summary information, such as key topics of the case, important people, specific vocabulary and jargon, and important individual documents. Depending on the nature of the review, we also offer experienced litigation document review paralegals.

On-Site & Off-Site Document Review for Greater Efficiency

Attorney Solutions offers both on-site and off-site (remote) litigation document review services across the United States. A few locations where we have contract attorneys and paralegals immediately available for on-site reviews are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, DC. We also offer local office space in these locations for large physical document reviews.

Remote Document Review

In regards to our remote contract attorneys, many of them are alumni of big firms looking for a more flexible work-life balance. Additionally, since there is little physical overhead, the hourly rates are typically less than those for on-site contract attorneys.

For these remote attorneys, they can either utilize your existing software, if remote access is available, or use our powerful yet easy-to-use Online Review Tool, which we offer for no additional charge during a review project we have staffed. Our secure and fully hosted solution allows for online document review and real time reporting for our clients of the actual review work being performed by the contract attorney.

Real Time Reporting

The software tracks each time someone logs in or out to determine how long they are reviewing documents. It also tracks what designations if any were made to the documents. This helps automate the tracking of time for billing purposes and reduces the risk of a client being over billed by a contractor working offsite.

Temporary Attorneys Lowering Your Document Review Costs

Studies have shown that using temporary attorneys for document reviews, can significantly reduce document review costs by lowering a law firm's overhead associated with adding a new employee. Temporary placement also helps with shifting staffing needs that often occur during a litigation.

Document Review for Foreign Languages

We offer both English speaking as well as many foreign speaking attorneys that can assist with foreign language document review and translation.

Contact Us for a Quote

Projects vary with respect to hourly rates depending on qualification requirements and the level of review. If you are interested in seeing resumes of contract attorneys or paralegals in your area, please contact a placement specialist, via e-mail at or phone at 713-462-6464 to discuss your specific needs.