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The Costs of Scanning Too Late

Although trial teams understand the importance of document imaging and the role it plays in a case, more firms are beginning to recognize the importance of scanning documents at the onset of a case rather than later in the process. In the past, scanning early in a case has traditionally been reserved for the “large box” cases due to the perceived complexities and associated costs. However, scanning late in a case incurs a variety of expenses including unnecessary copying costs, the burden of a cumbersome document review from paper, and time lost due to inefficiencies. Now, with the advancements in technology and software functionality, many firms are finding it easier and more cost effective to scan their documents on the front-end and perform their document review from images. By performing the scanning on the front-end, the trial team gains more options if and when they decide to move the images into a litigation support database.

One of the biggest challenges for a firm is selecting document review software that can bridge the gap between the document review process and a litigation support database. Because multiple members of the trial team are typically involved in the document review process, ease of use along with functionality are the two crucial elements of viewer software. Trial Solutions™, a leading litigation support provider, has developed document review software that addresses these two vital issues. Trial Solutions™ licenses the use of its user-friendly software, free of charge, on a case-by-case basis as part of its scanning and hosting services.

Trial teams value the convenience of Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ software because it can be accessed directly from the Internet. Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ is a secure Internet-based solution that provides a collaborative work environment where multiple users can access documents at anytime, from any location. Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ allows documents to be reviewed as images (viewing, sorting and searching) without the requirement of purchasing or installing network software. Trial Solutions™ provides the following services to prepare documents for the review process for virtually the same price as a copy-label-copy project:

  1. Prep and re-assemble each document
  2. Scan each page
  3. Apply an electronic bates number to each page
  4. Index the beginning and ending bates number of each document
  5. Index the date of each document
  6. Setup and load the data on Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ software
  7. License the use of Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ viewing, sorting and searching software
  8. Provide training and support
  9. Create additional CDs for pennies a page

Once preparation of the documents is complete, the review process works as follows. With easy-to-use intuitive point and click features, users can quickly and efficiently narrow the relevant document universe. Users can view pages complete with text, graphics and signatures on-screen, and can zoom, pan, or rotate to view document details. Users can also sort and tag documents with unlimited customizable fields, and organize documents into folders. Each folder or group can then be labeled so documents can be tagged directly from the Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™, and groups can be sorted and reports can be printed. Finally, users can easily print paper copies - for example, the user can select a group of documents and print them in chronological order. By using electronic bates numbers Trial Solutions™ can re-number documents to remove gaps once privileged documents are pulled. The images become a permanent backup and guard against lost documents.

Once the document review process is finished, the relevant documents along with their associated indexed information can be downloaded from Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ into one of the popular litigation support packages such as Summation, Concordance or JFS Litigator’s Notebook, thereby supplementing the firm’s existing software. This means the images and indexed information is compatible with database software already in use by the firm. If the firm does not currently own litigation support software, Trial Solutions™ offers the ongoing use of its Trial Solutions Online Review Tool™ under a unique licensing arrangement, for a simple per page monthly hosting fee.


Brad Jenkins is the President and CEO of Trial Solutions of Texas, LLP. Trial Solutions™ is a leader in providing best-practice litigation support solutions for law firms. To learn more about Trial Solutions™, call 713-462-6464 or visit their website at www.trialsolutions.net.


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