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Become a Trial Solutions Partner

We Make Adding Additional Revenue Streams Easy!

Trial Solutions continues to investigate strategic alliance opportunities that can bring added value to our clients. If you have a litigation support service that would benefit our clients or if you would like to find out how you can offer Trial Solutions services or products, such as its ImageDepot™ Online Document Review software, to your clients, please call us at 713-462-6464 or email us at

Alliance Partner Network

Although we have one of the largest litigation partner networks in the nation, we are currently looking for additional partners and resellers with quality operations to join our Litigation Support Ecosystem®. We are not only able to bring many of our partners additional high margin work but also able to extend their current market reach through partnerships with the other members of our Litigation Support Ecosystem®.

Our Litigation Support Ecosystem® includes the following services and technology:

  • Computer Forensics
  • eDiscovery
  • OnDemand® Native Review
  • State-of-the-art Data Repository
  • Scanning & Related Services
  • Document Coding
  • Attorney Staffing
  • Trial Support

Partner Marketing Support

In addition, we are serious about the success of our partners and resellers and therefore we provide joint marketing programs into your market via press releases, co-branded emails, website content, newsletters and other marketing materials. We will help you sell to your clients with sales training for your outside sales organization, onsite demos, sales Webinars and end user training.

Ultimately we increase your overall value proposition and provide a new revenue stream with very little work from you and your team beyond joining our Litigation Support Ecosystem® and recommending us to your clients.

Potential Partner Benefits

  • Additional High Margin Work for your Organization without the standard sales overhead
  • The Ability to Extend your Market and Increase Revenues through Access to our National Alliance Network (i.e. you can accept projects with processing requirements in other geographies)
  • Additional Sources of Revenue through our other Litigation Ecosystem® services and solutions such as Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Attorney Staffing Solutions
  • The Ability to offer our leading edge SaaS hosting and review solution to your current client base to create additional revenues and goodwill
  • The Ability to offer our leading edge SaaS hosting and review solution to close new business

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to partner with Trial Solutions, please call us at 713-462-6464 or email us at

As always, If you have any questions about how our Litigation Support Ecosystem® can help your organization increase revenues, including computer forensics collection and/or EDD processing, feel free to contact us.


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