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Trial Solutions, an electronic discovery software and services company in Houston, Texas, assists corporations and law firms in the collection, processing and review of electronic data. Trial Solutions' management team consists of experienced industry executives with experience in building world-class litigation support companies. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering high value litigation support services and applications with a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and rapid Return On Investment.

Brad Jenkins, President and CEO

Brad brings more than 20 years of strong leadership roles in the areas of sales, marketing, and executive management to Trial Solutions. Brad's process oriented business approach is key to successfully driving the strategic direction of Trial Solutions and building a customer focused company. His leadership and direction on assembling an experienced team, delivering powerful technology solutions and defining operational processes has proven to be instrumental in Trial Solutions' recognized growth.

Prior to joining Trial Solutions, Brad was a co-founder of PaperChaser.com Incorporated, a litigation support software development company, and served as its Executive Vice President. As one of the visionaries behind PaperChaser’s technology development, he also provided management expertise and was active in strategic planning and developing key business relationships which lead to the company's acquisition by a large regional accounting firm. Prior to PaperChaser, Brad was the Director of Training and Customer Support at Applied Voice Recognition Inc (AVRI), a startup voice recognition technology company that went public and was later acquired by a Fortune 500 company. Prior to AVRI, Brad held numerous leadership rolls in the areas of sales, sales management and recruiting.

Brad writes the Litigation Support Industry Blog, which covers news about litigation support and e-discovery companies' funding activities, acquisitions & mergers and notable business successes. He has authored many articles on document management and litigation support issues, and has appeared as a speaker before national audiences on document management practices and solutions. Brad is an accredited CLE instructor and regularly speaks on the topics of eDiscovery technology. He is considered an expert in business process and strategy development and regularly consults with clients on implementing best practices in litigation technology and the impact of best practices on managing eDiscovery. He has a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University with extensive course work in Computer Science.

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William H David III, Chief Technology Officer

Bill joined Trial Solutions is 2004 to assist with its expanding product line of litigation support software and is the principle architect of Trial Solutions' Online Review Tool that is integrated with a large-scale cluster computing system utilizing multi-terabyte storage. Bringing more than 15 years of technology development experience to Trial Solutions, Bill is responsible for product strategy, development and delivery of Trial Solutions' technology solutions. He is responsible for the company's distributive processing applications that help law firms and corporate legal departments meet their document management and data processing requirements. Providing litigation support software/tools that empower litigators of any size requires a full grasp of the technologies available to this ever changing field.

Prior to joining Trial Solutions, Bill was the Chief Technology Officer of PaperChaser.com Incorporated, where he was responsible for all phases of the company’s software development. Bill also held the positions of Director of Engineering and Senior Software Developer at Lernout & Hauspie, a Fortune 500 medical transcription company, where he was responsible for leading a team of senior developers on an enterprise wide distributive processing application. Bill also served in evaluating and assimilating an acquired company's technology (Dictaphone) and was the lead developer of a cross platform and multi processing TCP/IP job scheduling software.

Bill's computing skills and passions cover various aspects of the IT industry, including internet topography, software architecture and engineering, distributive processing, and Web 2.0 applications. He has a Computer Science Engineering degree from Arizona State University.

Michael Heslop, Vice President of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery Services

Michael brings more than nine years experience in IT, forensics and e-discovery project management to Trial Solutions. Michael is a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) and a member of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE). He is responsible for strategy, design, and implementation of e-discovery technology solutions.

Prior to joining Trial Solutions, Michael was Manager of Forensic Processing & Data Operations for a top tier electronic discovery company where he managed and consulted on various client projects including forensic data collection and analysis. In this role he designed, setup and maintained forensic labs used in electronic discovery, including deleted file recovery, password cracking, encrypted file recovery, and various other forensic services.

Prior to his role in electronic discovery and computer forensics, Michael was an IT Administrator as well as an Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Management Information Systems (EMIS) Consultant specializing in project management, database design, and large scale EMIS implementations. Michael has also worked in a variety of IT, database, programming, networking, and technical project management related fields. He earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Clint Lehew, Vice President of Business Development

In this role, Clint is responsible for growing and supporting Trial Solutions’ overall sales with a focus on the Reseller Channel and ensuring their success by increasing their market presence and supporting their sales efforts.

Clint has over a decade of experience in the litigation software and support industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and consulting experience on large multi-party litigation matters and multi-city productions. His experience with multiple review platforms and the overall litigation process has proved invaluable, in assisting clients in implementing best practices for online document reviews for both paper and electronic based productions.

Prior to joining Trial Solutions, Clint was Managing Partner of Discovery Law, which was acquired by Trial Solutions in January 2007, as well as was Director of National Projects for a litigation support software development company in Houston. Clint has a Bachelors of Science degree from Sam Houston State University.


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